GTEM has plans to develop in the following pillars:

Publisher of magazines

New websites in preparation, premiere planned for the end of 2021:



Community villa

Building and managing communities


YouTube channels:

CD-Action Ventures

Acquisitions in the area of technology, esports, gaming


CD-Action and PC Format are not only brands – it is above all chemistry between renowned editors, loyal readers, and recipients of the online services. All...
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Community Villa

In the world of a few thousand game releases a year, limited marketing budgets and ever-changing industry of video games, the real power lies in the...
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CD-Action Venture

“We are connecting the dots, finding synergies between our portfolio companies and the companies in our network.”   INVESTMENT AREAS: Gaming and Esports | Consumertech | Artificial intelligence   So far,...
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  Since the acquisition of the CD-A and PC-Format titles by GTEM S.A. we have taken the first steps to make the best articles, reviews, and guides...
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