Gaming Tech Esports Media

In a difficult epidemic for the press, the Fantasyexpo agency has taken responsibility for the future of the CD-Action and PC Format brands. The company Gaming Tech Media Esports SA was established in August 2020 to achieve the objectives of both titles. Thanks to the close cooperation with the editorial team, the continuity of magazine publishing has been preserved and new services offering both written content and modern video forms will be created.


Gaming Tech Esports Media S.A. in September 2020 conducted a crowdfunding campaign on the Beesfund platform. In 9 days we raised over 1.2 million PLN, gathering over 2000 new shareholders. The funds collected were earmarked for predetermined goals:

  • building new, modern websites and
  • launching the CD-Action and PC Format channels on YouTube
  • improving the quality and streamlining the distribution network of printed magazines
  • preparing attractive digital and traditional subscription models for the most loyal readers

Gaming Tech Esports Media S.A. aims to build a holding company with mutually complementary segments in the near future.


CD-action is a leading polish magazine that exists from 1996 and is devoted to games. From 25 years the magazine provides high quality contents about games and technology. Circulation of one of the oldest gaming magazines during its golden years came to 200 thousand. CD-action remains an iconic magazine until this day for many people who have started their gaming journey because of it.



PC Format

PC Format is a magazine that was published every month since 2000, which is almost two decades now. PC Format is devoted to IT and technology, which brings together people interested in the given topics for many years. It also creates practical content in a form of a guide or review.